Friday, December 12, 2008

Who is the genius who came up with this one?

I woke up about an hour ago to the sound of an ice-encrusted tree branch crashing down onto my truck. After the requisite tour of the house and barn to make sure there wasn't any other damage that required immediate attention, stoking the wood stoves, and generally calming down the wife, I got around to calling in the power outage clearly caused by the ice storm.

"Welcome to our automated outage reporting service.  Please enter your 10 digit phone number."


"We're sorry, but our records show two accounts that have that number listed as the phone number for that account. Please enter your account number found at the top of your latest bill."

My power is out, there are trees crashing down around the house every minute or so, and you want me to go thrashing around in the dark and find my latest bill?!?

They repeated this request twice before telling me I could say that I didn't have it.

What moron came up with this?

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