Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Ice Storm of 2008 II

It's 12:49 AM and I'm wide awake after draining the pipes.  I had gone outside for more wood for the woodstove and checked the thermometer.  20F.  The hallway from the kitchen to Fee's office had been quite cold and I couldn't stop worrying over the pipes.  So I opened the faucet in the basement sink and went around and opened all the other faucets all over the house.  No ice chunks came out, so I guess I did it in time.

My neighbor lost a huge double tree in the storm (two trees that had grown right next to each other and shared a root ball).  One side went down and absolutely smashed a shed of his.  The other side went down on all the utility lines for his house and mine.  At the base of the trunk, both trees are easily 24" in diameter.  National Grid has no idea how bad it is up here.  I doubt we'll have power again any time soon.

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