Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Spring has sprung...

and so has the tech in my house.

Last week, we finally got back our taxes (and the final tax burden; ouch!) from the preparer, and my wife gave me the go ahead to purchase my new computer. Apparently my old computer overheard the conversation, because when I got home, it had gone on strike. It was kaput, and the preview weekend for Guild Wars: Factions was just beginning. Damn. Luckily, I had GW installed on my laptop, so I managed to get a few hours under my belt. Very cool game.

On Saturday, I went out to CompUSA and picked up a new power supply after my wife told me there had been a power surge during the day ("...it was the strangest thing; the lights got really bright for about 5 seconds..."). Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. A phone call today told me that it was the motherboard that bit the dust.

Oh well. The tech from CompUSA tells me that the $100 diagnostic fee covers the labor to install a motherboard, so I just have to find a MB that can handle the AMD Athlon 1800. Off I go to PriceWatch. Posted by Picasa

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